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Our Programs

Artrageous Arts Community opened its doors to the public in 2017,

welcoming artists and creators of all kinds through its in-house 

Artist Residency Program and Internship Program.  


The community has welcomed over 200 people from

more than 20 countries into our programs to date. 

The Artist Residency and Internships span the visual, performing, musical, and literary arts, as well as provide business skills for artists.

Learn about our programs:


Artist Residency Program

We welcome artists and performers of all disciplines and experience levels who are interested in honing their craft and developing new skills. 

Artists-in-residence will have access to the state-of-the-art facilities available on our campus as well as daily workshops and classes. 

This is an invaluable opportunity to work with artists and performers of all mediums with decades of combined professional experience. 


Current programming:

  • Modern

  • Stage

  • Sacred

  • Vocals

  • Theory

  • Instruments

Fine Arts
  • Visual Arts

  • Writing

  • Architecture

Business for 
  • Sale & Marketing

  • Website Design

  • Content Creation

  • Meditation

  • Flow States

  • Stage Presence


Internship Program

Our internship program provides unique opportunities for artists seeking professional experience on stage and behind the scenes.


Travel the country with our touring group, perform on stage in front of live audiences, assist with non-profit camps and events, and participate in a thriving business culture.


Join the Artrageous performance group on a national tour.

  • Perform on stage!

  • Singing, dancing, unique instruments, speed painting, puppetry, and more.

  • Travel the USA

Give back to underserved communities and bring the joy of the arts to children with Artreach.

  • Assist with planning and facilitating educational art camps

  • Help design art education curricula

Gain invaluable business experience from a seasoned team of professionals.

  • Sales and marketing

  • Creative problem solving

  • Highly collaborative work environment




They are all hands down, absolutely some of the most heart-centered, creative, kind, and conscious people I have ever met.  That goes for EVERYONE there too, not just the performance group. Creativity is THRIVING there at basically every moment and they encourage that. This is a one of a kind, completely amazing and absolutely beautiful place here!


Artist in Residency

What these people have done goes so far beyond what I thought was possible. There are countless opportunities to learn new skills and to be a part of their joyful, invigorating, inspiring projects. There is an air of creativity and talent here that I’ve never experienced before – from craft nights, to open mic and comedy nights, designing costumes and so much more – life revolves around building and creating.


Artist in Residency

I enjoyed the variety of classes offered and loved that they always left room in their busy schedules for creativity, whether in the form of a creative writing workshop, a comical variety show that would leave us all in tears of laughter, movement classes, a drum & dance class, or (my fav) a karaoke session backed by an incredible live house band. Everyone in the community is hilarious, sweet, extremely talented.

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