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They are all hands down, absolutely some of the most heart-centered, creative, kind, and conscious people I have ever met.  That goes for EVERYONE there too, not just the performance group. Creativity is THRIVING there at basically every moment and they encourage that. This is a one of a kind, completely amazing and absolutely beautiful place here!


Artist in Residency

What these people have done goes so far beyond what I thought was possible. There are countless opportunities to learn new skills and to be a part of their joyful, invigorating, inspiring projects. There is an air of creativity and talent here that I’ve never experienced before – from craft nights, to open mic and comedy nights, designing costumes and so much more – life revolves around building and creating.


Artist in Residency

I enjoyed the variety of classes offered and loved that they always left room in their busy schedules for creativity, whether in the form of a creative writing workshop, a comical variety show that would leave us all in tears of laughter, movement classes, a drum & dance class, or (my fav) a karaoke session backed by an incredible live house band. Everyone in the community is hilarious, sweet, extremely talented.

Interns and program participants at Albuquerque's Balloon Fiesta

International Intern

Everyone in the community is hardworking, enthusiastic, beautiful & kind beings who are so passionate about what they are doing. There are many talented people and they are so generous to teach you their skills. I got to learn guitar, portrait drawing, vocal practice, and hand drumming.


This is the kindest, most caring, and most supportive environment and community of people I have ever been in. I was able to progress with my creative pursuits and had a blast performing in front of others. Everyone in the community is very creative and every night of the week there was a different activity going on, from creative writing and mandala drawing to meditation or wacky, low-pressure talent shows. If you are a creative person with an interest in learning more about yourself then this place is the place for you!

Artist in Residence

There were many creative workshops and live performances that served to connect us as a community. There are many wonderfully talented people who take a vested interest in you. This is a great place to hone artistic/creative skills, learn and develop mindful practices and gain hands-on experience.

Artist in Residence

What a haven for healing, creativity, inspiration, beauty, generosity and many good doses of silliness! This place is truly special. I was nurtured by so many wonderful souls from the moment I arrived until I departed in tears. The walking labyrinths, the art, the music the wellness, the views, the good food, the depth of spiritual practice and presence... I will forever hold dear this experience. My heart is full of gratitude.

Shay & Andrew
Artists in Residence

This is the opportunity to be the best version of yourself. You will have the opportunity to express yourself through so many art forms! If you love art, beautiful views and phenomenal humans, and adorable dogs, go!

Josh & Jamie
Artists in Residence

I will start this review off by saying that this community completely nourished our souls in so many ways! This is the sort of place where you will experience many new things, reacquaint with your creative side and dig deeper into your spiritual path, that is, if you are open to learning more. The community is made up of really some brilliant people who you will show you what it is to be of service to others. With their generosity, kind hearts, and incredible energies they are doing their part and making this world a better place.

Artist Residency program participants with founder Deborah Noble.

International Intern

I’ve been having difficulty articulating my experience with words because it was so…deepening, rewarding, and full of teachings. The community is very welcoming, warm, so incredibly creative, and does all things with the best of intentions. The property itself is beautiful and the land feels sacred. Creative expression is highly supported and encouraged by all. I left Tijeras more grounded, a pinch wiser, and with a super full heart.

International Intern

We made some workshops and I have learned to make different kinds of crafts: dream catchers, jewelry, painting... They have a special craft room for doing that with all the materials and great teachers. I'm so grateful! I also had the opportunity to help a little bit during a performing art show in Santa Fe, and join the touring bus for a short tour across the USA as well.

Artist in Residence

The energy of this community is so strong, I had no choice but to grow, expand, and connect deeply while I was there. They are fully committed to living mindfully, consciously and with a total presence that is so hard to come by, it becomes infectious. I feel that they inspired us all to connect to our inner children, to get creative, laugh, perform, be silly, and to also look at ourselves in new ways. The generosity of everyone here is truly special, they make it a priority to make sure you are comfortable, happy, and have everything you need. I cannot thank you all enough for welcoming me into your environment, for creating this container for personal growth, for inspiring and challenging me, in the most gentle and generous ways.

Artist in Residence

If you are in search of good vibes, open-mindedness, creative atmospheres, fulfilling work (inner & outer), adventure, scenic beauty, delicious healthy food, connecting with a friendly diverse bunch of characters, and more, this is the place for you!

International Intern

This community is a rare and special anomaly in this world --- they are the most genuinely kind, generous, warm, accepting, encouraging, hilarious, and fun people you may ever meet! Within an hour of arriving, I was in a drum and dance class followed by kirtan, and the opportunity to participate in creative and healing arts continued for my whole two-month stay with movement classes, meditations, hikes, performance nights, puzzle-making, mandala drawing, board games, and writing. I so appreciated the nourishing, organic food cooked with love and intention.

Artist in Residence

This place is one of those extremely rare experiences in life that softens your heart and heals your perspective on the world. These people are incredibly kind to the point your heart is overflowing with an overwhelming amount of gratitude you're not quite sure what to do with.

Interns and Artists in Residence finding inspiration in the Taos mountains

Artist in Residence

I would say to be prepared to meet some of the most interesting, educated, and caring individuals you could ever hope to meet. If you are open to it, there is so much to learn, opportunities to grow, and friendships to be made.

Artist in Residence

It was heartening to see a well-established intentional community thriving and so filled with joy, healing, and love. This is an experience I will carry with me for a long while.

Artist in Residence

This place is magical! The people who are a part of this community are incredibly talented and creative. I enjoyed connecting with each person on an individual level. This thriving community has taught me to open up my heart!

International Intern

This is a vibrant, creative community in which visitors are welcomed with open hearts and minds. The communal atmosphere is lovely with plenty of time for good conversation and fun gatherings and outings. They also offer both physical and mental space in the forms of clean, pleasant private rooms and the beautiful outdoors to take time for yourself.

International Intern

I am almost not able to find the right words to describe my stay at this wonderful little place of earth. I had the most amazing time to stay and work here. Everybody was so nice, interested and welcomed me warm. I enjoyed most the way of communication, being that much in contact with the nature and also seeing the working projects growing. I learned so much while my 4 weeks I was allowed to be part of this magical place. Everyday was so diversified and there was always enough time for myself. I loved the dynamics and creative way of living over here.

Artist in Residence

Your genuine interest in me and my experience, attentiveness during conversations, eagerness to take the time to teach me new skills, desire for collaboration from me, your creative spirits, and awesome dedication to your individual crafts, your thoughtful words and caring actions will bring me back again.

Artist in Residence

I planned on staying for one week, and ended up staying six weeks with this incredibly kind and loving community of extremely talented and creative artists, musicians, performers, philosophers, and so on! I really can't say enough to express how much I enjoyed my time in Tijeras! I highly recommend this experience for anyone who is interested in developing a deeper connection with your creativity and also for those interested in exploring and connecting with their higher self - there is plenty of opportunity for that!

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